Sunday, January 23, 2011

Birthday Girl

Yup it was my birthday this past week! The big 24! It seems so crazy that I am already 24! It seems so old. I feel like I should have 2 kids by now or something. But I have 2 dogs instead :) I was very spoiled on my birthday this year. I went out with my mom and grandma for lunch and shopping. I talked to an old roommate who I hadn't talked to in forever and loved it :) I couldn't believe everyone who called and text me. I felt very special! Then that night my parents took us out to Brio at town square. It was amazing! For those of you who haven't tried it, you NEED to! When we got home Davis gave me my present... an adorable blazer and top that I had my eye on! Of course the girls at work helped him pick it out. :) It was such a great day and thanks to everyone for making it special! Especially my husband, he is so good to me :)

New Years

I loved having my sister here for a few weeks! It was so fun being with her and baby Trey. And I think she liked having the help with her new baby. On new years her in-laws came in town and we all went to Geisha house for dinner. Seriously SO GOOD. I love that place. We then spent the rest of the night packing up our house and didn't even realize when midnight hit. Lame I know! But it was a fun night.

Christmas dogs...

This Christmas I wanted to get the dogs matching outfits to wear. I know it is kind of weird but I think it is so cute when they are dressed up :) Well Lexi was NOT having it. So I was able to grab only one picture until she ripped it up! But seriously how do you not love these faces?!


So I know I am totally slacking on this whole blog thing. I promise I am going to get better at it. This last month has been crazy though! We closed on our house on December 28th and tried to get everything moved in the beginning of this month. One of my best friend's Jackie came in town for a couple of days so she was here when I got the keys to the house! So me, Jac, and Lyss went and took pictures. It was so fun having a girls night with Jackie! I miss her so much :)