Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This post is long overdue! We went to Newport with my family in August and it was so much fun! I love that we are able to get together and have fun. We stayed literally a couple feet away from the beach in this little house. I can't wait to see what vacation we will go on next year! Here are a couple pics from the trip!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Baby Crazy...

In the last month we have had 3 new family members born. Rhett Huntington in June and then Lisa and Jason just had their twins Brooklyn and Ethan yesterday. I am seriously so in love with all of them. It is crazy how little they are! We went and visited the twins today and they are adorable! Definitely made me a little baby hungry :) One would be enough for me though! I keep telling Davis that by the time we have a baby no one will care. We will have so many nieces and nephews by that time! But I love having them around because we can have fun with them and then send them back to their parents! Its perfect :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lucky girl...

I am not really one to brag about how great my husband is. I mean I know he is great but I don't tell everyone all the time, but sometimes I look at him and can't believe how lucky I am to have him! Ever since our first date Davis has opened every single door I have ever walked through with him. He opens my car door every time without fail and he has always treated me so good. He is going to be an amazing dad. He loves kids so much and I can't wait for us to have a baby of our own. He is definitely the favorite uncle of both of our families! It kind of puts me to shame, but I still love it :) Well I kind of make a big deal out of every holiday because it is an excuse to get and give presents and Easter was no different. Davis is not always the best at giving presents, but I know he tries :) So we were at cafe rio last night and I asked him if he had gotten me an easter present and he said no. I was so bummed! I know it shouldn't be a big deal but I like giving presents and I just wanted it to be fun for us even though we don't have kids to give easter baskets to yet. I had to run to target after and I guess during that time he ran and got me something. So I woke up to flowers and an Easter basket full of goodies this morning. He had set it up after I went to bed last night! He really is such a thoughtful person and I am so lucky he is mine forever :)

Trey Man

Seriously who could not love that face?! Trey and Mayce have been here for the past two weeks and it has been a blast! I am really close to my sister and I hate not living in the same place. But I do love when she comes and visits. While she was here we have done some really fun stuff. We went to shark reef at Mandalay Bay which I have never been to and it was so fun! We also got a jumper for Trey and he really likes it. He is such a good baby! He laughs and giggles a lot which I love! And we can actually go to lunch and dinner and he will just hang out. If he isn't asleep he is usually just watching what is going on around him. I mean he does have his moments but he is such a cute and easy baby! He is almost 5 months now which is crazy how time goes by so fast. I really hope that our kids can grow up in the same place. So Mayce you need to move here asap :)


I have been really good friends with Katie since high school. It is kind of funny because she actually used to date Davis in high school. It is so crazy how things work out. She has accomplished so much since high school. She is now a dental hygienist and just bought her first house. Katie is such a fun person to be around and I am so glad we have kept in touch! She married the love of her life and we were able to go. It was beautiful and she looked stunning. I am so glad she let us share her special day with her! We love you Katie!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Utah Weekend

Last week I was able to go to Utah for a little girl's getaway. My sister was up there visiting her in-laws so I wanted to go see her and her little man. My grandma, mom, sister-in-law and niece went up. While I was there I was able to go to lunch with some of my best friends who I miss so much! My old roommate Kelsey who has an adorable little girl, my old roommate Jackie, and Britt! Britt just opened a boutique in Provo and it is such a cute place. Everyone needs to go check it out! She has always been so good at decorating and it really shows in her new store. I LOVE IT! I am so bummed because we didn't take a picture when we all got together :( I seriously love and miss those girls so much!
The rest of the time I spent with my sister and her baby. He is probably the cutest little boy ever. Granted I am sort of bias, but how could you not love that face?! It was so fun to be with Mayce and Trey. They also just found out that they are moving to Vegas for the summer so I will have them for 3 months then and I can't wait! Mayce is going to help me decorate our house cause she is way better at it then I am. It was seriously a blast and I also loved being with Mayce's in-laws. They are the nicest people and let me hang out over at their house while I was there. Thanks Mona and Kelly!


Last weekend Shannon and Kevin came into town. They finally had a break from law school. Shannon is Davis's sister and I love her! I am so lucky when it comes to my in-laws. They lived in Vegas until August when they moved to Arizona for Kevin to go to law school. And we have really missed them. We got to go out to dinner with them Saturday night and it was so much fun! I really want them to move back asap!